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Backing all the operational departments is the decentralized Administration. Customer queries and other administrative activities are handled at the various departments complemented by the Corporate Central Administration and Human Resources.


Financial Services

The Finance department supports all operational departments with timely transaction processing and providing accurate financial to the respective departments for effective decision making.


Information Technology

The ICT department looks after all the Information & Communications Technology related matters of Air Terminal Services. ICT's main objective is to store and disseminate electronic information that provides efficiencies in business processes implement best practice in systems development and networking and support end-users to maximize potential benefits from available technology.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department plays a major role in ATS. Its responsibilities are focused on mandatory obligations on matters that concern Standards, Rules and Regulations. It is tasked with the monitoring and oversight of corporate performances to ensure compliance and adherence to Regulations and Legislations imposed by aviation Regulators and relevant governing bodies; locally and internationally. Aviation security is also a very important portfolio that the QA Department manages.

Safety & Compliance

The Safety and Compliance Department:

  • Ensures that the processes needed for the effective functioning of safety, security and quality systems are established, documented, implemented, maintained and improved.

  • Monitors the amendment of regulatory or company approved documents and associated procedures manuals in compliance with new or amended regulations, standards, company policies and customer airline requirements.

  • Establishes an independent audit system ensuring that impartiality is maintained during audit performance.

  • Establishes a management control follow up system ensuring all findings from the independent audit are corrected in a timely manner.

  • Ensures that the Accountable Manager is reliably informed of the extent of compliance with standards.

  • Ensures that records pertaining to the independent audit and management control follow up system are retained for the prescribed period.

The Manager Safety & Compliance acts as the DG Coordinator and provides the assurance on behalf of DG related activities.

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