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Cabin Services

Cabin Services staff at ATS are people that are always on the run. With an average of only 20-30 minutes to clean and re-stock an aircraft, they simply have no time to waste. Working in teams on a 24 hour roster, they turn around aircraft quickly and efficiently meeting client in-flight procedures and IATA standards.

​Tasks include complete catering and equipment exchange, and a complete dressing of cabins, which includes vacuuming, emptying of seat pockets, sanitizing meal tray tables, folding and stowing of blankets and pillows and ensuring that the seat surrounds are clean.
In between aircraft movements, Cabin Service staff, clean and maintain equipment, pre-set meal trays, crosscheck equipment and meal loading checklists and manuals.
The Cabin team is a good mixture of long-serving ATS people as well as young energetic recruits with a reputation for friendliness, robustness and reliability.

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