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Engineering & Maintenance

ATS is one of the very few handling companies in the world approved to provide full aircraft Line maintenance services on modern types of aircraft. This is due to the fact that we are the only packaged ground-handling company at the Nadi International Airport and therefore, have to cater for all incoming aircraft from all over the world.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Fiji Islands (CAAFI) and Civili Aviation Australia (CASA) have certified ATS as an Approved Organization to undertake Line Maintenance activities. We are capable of maintaining the following types of Aircrafts:
  • B787/A320/A330/B707/B737/B757/B747/B767/B777/DC10/MD11 
Our capable Technical Services team can provide the following services:
  • Quality Assurance & Safety Management System (SMS) audits.
  • Provide full engineering & maintenance services to all types of aircraft.
  • Approval licenses are granted to us by Qantas, Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Solomon Airlines, etc.
  • Maintenance of all company-owned ground support equipment and vehicles.
  • Maintenance of company property - buildings and installations.
  • Stores procurement for Ground Support Equipment & spare parts.
Specialized ground support equipment, worth millions of US dollars is deployed in the ramp services area.

Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers and support staff are on hand 24 hours a day to handle all types of aircraft from scheduled and ad hoc to commercial and military. From the sleek Lear jet to the huge Russian Antonov.

Technical staff competence and maintenance programs are independently monitored under a Quality Assurance System to ensure compliance with required international standards.


Support Services

Other background support services form an integral part of the ATS front-line operations. This includes the Equipment and Property Maintenance section which is a separate division within Technical Services Department. These two sections are dedicated to ensure that all ATS equipment, plant and property is maintained to the highest standards at all times.

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